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Drunken Haze
Drunken Haze
This is the best thing you can find in a college party... People having sex in front of you! What an amazing show, I'm sure you wouldn't want to miss that out! Black and White in the dark, what can it be more interracial than this! These guys loves it that way, and will lick all that ass until it's enough stretched to pump up his hole! While the lights are down, pants are falling on the floor and cocks are heading up to the sky! Yeah, you'll enjoy watching thesehot guys fucking, right there, in front of you!

Drunken Gay
Vodka and an intimate dinner was a sexy combination. So sexy that, not long after the meal was consumed, these gay boys were all over each other--kissing, licking Ö even BITING! The vodka had put them in a very sexual mood, but there was also a timbre of tenderness in it. But when all was said and done, they fucked like muskrats.
Drunken Bi
Drunken Bi
He allows his best buddy to brutally fuck him up the ass! If he hadnít drank those two bottles of wine heíd never have done such a thing, but the wine was in his body and was opening his mind and loosening his morals! Now he was not only ready to be fucked by his buddy, he couldnít wait to wrap his lips around his friendís dick!
Dad Knows Best
Dad Knows Best
Just take a look at these hours and hours of totally uncensored, full length older guy movies.
Studs in their 40's and 50's sucking cock, fucking each others asses and spurting vast amounts
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Drilling For Toffee
Drilling For Toffee
We follow real amateur guys on their first dates, from the awkward first introduction to the wet, sticky climax later the same night! They don't care about dinner and a movie, all they want is to get hot and sticky! And it doesn't matter if they both get along, because they're all going to get off! No deep relationships here, just a hard cock, a tight ass, and a good time.
Dressing Room
Dressing Room
Enter the MENATPLAY dressing room, see which one looks and feels best and toss for it.

Dad Knows Best
Just take a look at these hours and hours of totally uncensored, full length older guy movies.
Studs in their 40's and 50's sucking cock, fucking each others asses and spurting vast amounts
of old mans' jizz at whoever is lucky enough to be in the vicinity.

Dad Fucking Boy
Matteo has been a fan of mine and my work for some time, so when I contacted him on a popular European website he was really excited that I found him and was really eager to work with me. Matteo had worked for another studio before and was not happy with whom they paired him with so I was on a mission to found out what kind of guy Matteo wanted to be with and he said someone like me and not a smooth muscled Latin like the other studio put him with. Mack Manus was also a fan of my work and determined to make it in the porn industry so he not only wanted to work with me, but meet me and pick my brain about the porn industry as a whole. By chance, I sent Mack's photos to Matteo who was very excited to work with such a swarthy, real man such as Mack. When I finally brought the two men of such different looks together they instantaneously had great chemistry. Mack was all about Matteo's unique tattoos and dark smooth skin while Matteo could not get enough of Mack's blonde hairy body. Especially his thick untouched pubic hair and armpits... this is the kind of diversity I love to have on my website!

Dad Sucking Boy
Sexy 18 y.o. gets blown by an old man and also gets paid for this dirty effort. Tight end needs a receiver! Be the first to throw your cock into the wild game. Be on guard for cum splashing fun. Let them show what a great experience you can have! Donít miss our SUPER COCK-BOWL!

Dad's Cock Training
Mature skinhead seduces a younger blond guy in his office. It turns out that the skinhead is a bottom and the younger gay fucks him in different positions while his victim is stroking his shaved balls. After some gay 69 they finish their cock training and the blond guy creams the skinhead's face with cum.

What could be hornier than watching a hot daddy gently sucking on this studs cock? NOTHING! They caught their dads doing something dirty together and they want in on the action. They decide to confront each other's dads. Their efforts are successful as you can see. If you like watching dads as much as i do then download these movies now!

Daddy Bears
Are you looking for real Daddy Bears?
Mature, 220lb lumps of muscle with beautiful, thick hair all over their bodies....

Dads and Lads 
Spending the weekend with your best friend's father never felt so good. Dad's a seasoned stud, ready and able to teach the young colts a trick or two about how to suck and fuck. Come on, let Daddy show you the ropes! - Older Men-more experienced with big hard cocks to please. What every horny young guy wants- a real man! If daddies turn you on, then these smoking hot papas will get you randy. These are the dads you would definately like to fuck!

Dads And Sons
Watch these rough older guys teaching fragile twinks a hot lesson. These older guys have a sense for hard young cocks and they show the twinks waht a real man can do!

Dads And Twinks
Older guys love to get their hands on a younger cock!
Dreams of sucking the rock hard dick of an 18 year old virgin, or allowing that 18 year old to pound an eager ass with his willing cock. Hours and hours of hardcore movies featuring some of the cutest twinks sucking and fucking the craggiest, most experienced dads.

Dads Doing It
The older the daddy the sweeter his juice!!! Our studs are older and bolder. They see what they want and they take it. This site is full of non stop hardcore to man butt baging action. So if hot and sweaty mature men is what you want, you came to the right place!

Dads I would Like To Fuck
They like to fuck daddy and of course these boys also need a mature cock in their tight asses

Daddy Bears
Hairy chests, muscled legs and fat cocks... What are you waiting for?

Of the models we featured on Squirtz back at the start in 2002, the one that people ask us about most often is Dakota, the street-wise straight boy who liked to talk about "fuckin'" girls. Well, a lot has changed in the past few years but we think its best if Dakota explains it all to you. One thing that hasn't changed about Dakota, he is still in a hurry to get his clothes off. What has changed? Let's start with the blond hair, a new tattoo on his neck, and a few more pounds of muscle all around. Judging from the tan line, Dakota was too shy to take off his speedo at the tanning salon. Or maybe he was just trying to protect the family jewels from those dangerous ultra-violet rays.

Dakota & Cru
Cru Jones and Dakota Rivers met at a party a few nights before this shoot but didn't know they were both Randy Blue models. Imagine their surprise when they both show up on set and the other model is that hot guy they had been cruising.

Dakota Likes Huge Cocks
This young man had a dream of huge cocks and it was fulfilled with a big load of hot and juicy cum...

Dakota Wants Gay Sex
He thought he was straight but he was wrong

Dallas Needs Two Cocks
Let me touch your hard bulging jeans to feel the hard surprise between you legs and let me go further and let me stroke your dick through yout tight briefs! I am willing to lick your big undy bulges and to take your cock out to blow it. Now it's your turn to suck my huge cock as I see you are able to satisfy two cocks at once by licking and sucking them. Yes, Dallas needs two cocks to get a hot and creamy faceshot!

Damian into Doggy Style
The dog fuck position is the way Damian prefers to be taken and to be fucked deep and for a long time. And his buddy as well is into doggy style... so both of them will be satisfied.

Damn Sexy
As Damian Brighton shot his load I was stuck with the thought that it wasn't a typical pop shot, in that he didn't just jerk until he came, it was like a well calculated milking. As if he knew what he was capable of and work himself up to that point, knowing exactly where to stroke, caress, pull and push. Running his hands up and down his long, hard cock you get the feeling that he's got an intimate relationship with his organ and that he's played this tune before. Unloading his thick, gooey spunk all over himself, at first a little then a lot, stretching his orgasm out for as long as he can ride it.

Danny Nucci
After sharing the spotlight with Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic and Denzel Washington in Crimson Tide, Danny Nucci landed a starring role on a TV comedy series. In Some of my Friends, Nucci played a character who unknowingly ends up rooming with a gay man played by Jason Bateman. Nucci, who played DiCaprio's stowaway friend in Titanic, had his first acting role at age 14 in the ABC soap opera General Hospital. He also appeared in The Rock with Sean Connery, Eraser starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and The Big Squeeze with Lara Flynn Boyle.

Dark Meat Orgy
Three black men seduce their sexy boy maid. Sexy boy maid serves drinks to three bigcocked black men and gets fucked in their hotel room.

Darkroom Fucking
GayVN Performer of the Year nominee Jake Deckard lays flat on his back as Tamas Eszterhazy worships his lightly furred muscles. Beginning with a kiss, this scene moves quickly from sweet to passionate as these two manly specimens explore each other's rougher side - in leather! The intensity builds as Jake shoves his boot against Tamas's leather-bound cock and balls. Tamas enjoys this demonstration of aggression and offers up his ass to Jake whose huge cock pounds away, over and over. To finish off, Tamas lays on his back and Jake fucks away, causing Tamas to shoot a huge load. He is quickly followed by Jake, who doubles the cum that covers Tamas's chest.

Dark Stud
When it comes to men, we have the real thing. Here you'll see muscle-hungry guys fucking live 7 days a week! Chat with other members, browse their profiles, view the hottest Fuck Pix, and watch thousands of video streams of pumped and shredded stud-2-stud action! Plus much, much more!

Date for Gays
Young tattooed guy with ear rings getting and giving a hot blowjob to his bigdicked buddy. Then he puts a condom over his stiff penis and fucks the other guy in legs up position. This date for gays is what the boys were dreaming of.

Dave Riding a Cock
How lustful is it to sit on a gay guy - to feel the tool entering your hole and to give him a long and hot ride! Riding a cock makes Dave always happy.

Daves Boys
Most of the regular guys on Daves Boys are straight, and between 18 and 23. Most of them have never posed nude for a camera before. The amazing thing is that, even though they are stunning, they are also very genuine. We have video clips in downloadable MPEG. Extended run online movies and 1000's of original images of Daves seductions.

David Asian Cocksucker
Watch David - an asian cocksucker who understands well to blow an ugly uncut cock and to lick balls

David Boreanaz  
Your hot gay model showing off for you

David Fucking a Guy
David thought he was straight - but it turned out that he was going for men and especially for a thight willing asshole. Fucking a guy! That's what he was really dreaming of.

David Likes to Blow
You can't just walk up to someone on the street and say: Hey Sir! I'd really like CUM all over your face. So - my friend and I set up fake job interviews to lure in our unsuspecting men! And here's where the magic happens. Many gay men aren't into this sort of thing. Well...that's all about to change. All our video episodes are 100% exclusive to this site and new ones are added quite frequently. One of them is David likes to blow huge cocks.

David Schwimmer
David Schwimmer was rushed to hospital after a bar-room brawl left him needing stitches in a gashed forehead. The actor was catching up with a friend at New York's Thompson Hotel when he got caught in an argument between two women that left a shard of glass in his head. Schwimmer's spokesman, Ina Treciokas, says, "A woman from across the bar flung a glass at another woman. They were apparently a little rowdy and drunk." Though one source claims the glass-thrower attacked Schwimmer, Treciokas insists that he was an accidental casualty.

David Taylor
Tall, tattooed, sexy, David Taylor does his first video for Randy Blue. Hot video from a first timer with a very large cock!

Daily Dongs
International mouth fuckers and ass bangers. Men from all over the world in gay hardcore action.

It's hard to believe that Dave was once a real fighter, considering how sweet and thoughtful he seems to be. In fact he was so sweet and his smile was so pleasing to look we really didn't want our session with him to end. Now, is he gay, is he straight? At this point it seems that it could go either way.  

Dead Drunk Twink Pukes During a Threesome
Three cute 20 y.o. boys get so drunk that one of them pukes while getting fondled and fucked

Dean Sucking Two Cocks
Two gay bears and a gay skinhead beeing up for a hot tongue play! Kissing and licking nipples and cocks... eating dick and ass! Dean sucking two cocks learns all he needs for gay sex and after this gay orgy he knows very well how many inches he can take in mouth and ass.

Deep Anal Cumshot
Deep anal cumshot in gay threeway videos. Gay threeway leads to one guy getting sandwiched between two cocks and taking anal cumshot.

Deep Anal Penetration
He is happy to have such a strong black friend who can fuck him

Deep Ass Fucking
The deeper the better and the harder the longer! The guys know it - and they go for deep ass fucking. For the first time but for sure not for the last.

Deep Barebacking
Deep barebacking gay action captured on cam. Swarthy guy squeezes hard cock inside of his ass while getting barebacked from behind.

Deep Butt Exploration
A male butt has to be explored and there is always a huge cock to do him the favour starting a deep butt exploration...

Deep Chocolate
Dark hardcore action with thousands of gay pics and movies

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